Criminals, Imposters and Terrorists: Types of Realtors to Avoid!

Wednesday Nov 18th, 2020


Choosing a realtor is an important step in your home buying journey. Here are some things to avoid when choosing which realtor to use.

Avoid choosing a realtor who likes stealing fruit – “Pear-picking real estate agent caught on video taking bags of fruit from backyard during showing"

 - Who knows what this realtor was thinking.  Maybe he was worried that spoiled fruit would scare off his client from making an offer or maybe he just needed a snack!


Avoid choosing a realtor who is not actually a licensed agent. "Man, Posing as agent, arrested in open house robbery"

-This one seems simple enough, but scam artists can be very convincing.  Make sure you do your research.


Avoid choosing a realtor who can't be trusted around your valuables. "Beverly Hills Realtor Accused of Stealing From Usher, Adam Lambert"

-I don't worry too much about this one as my belongings are not worth anywhere near that of major celebrities! But seriously, make sure you are aware of what is going on with your realtor.  On the lighter side, it sounds like a great movie plot!


Avoid using a realtor who is involved in organized crime "Quincy real estate broker charged with money laundering"

This is a little harder to avoid but using a reputable brokerage goes a long way in avoiding this type of issue.


Avoid hiring a terrorist if at all possible "Downtown Detroit realtor charged with threatening to kill Whitmer, Nessel"

From the sound of this report there were some red flags about this guy.  When you are looking to hire a realtor make sure you are comfortable around them and they do not seem overly agressive or angry.


Obviously these are all very unique experiences that you probably won't have to worry about, but it is still extremely important to find a realtor you trust and is a good fit.  Most realtors working today have a website and social media you can view.  Do your research before choosing someone and make sure you feel comfortable after meeting them.



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